Thank-You Letters And Notes

It would be appropriate for you to write thank-you letters and notes to the interviewers and the person who has set up the interview or recommended you for the vacancy. Do write the notes shortly after the interview when the memories are still fresh in various parties  minds. You may send the thank-you letters and notes via post or email.

As far as possible, write a separate note to each interviewer. Call the receptionist if you need to know the spelling of the names and actual titles. Make sure the notes are different in content and personalized for each interviewer. Proof read the thank-you notes a few times to ensure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes before sending them out. If somehow, you only manage to obtain one of the interviewer’s name and contact, write one note attention to that person but request him/her to help extend your appreciation to the other interviewers on your behalf politely.

Keep the thank-you letters and notes simple, short and objective. Do not try to sell yourself all over again. Remember the purpose of the thank-you letters and notes is to stay on the interviewers radar screen and stay ahead of other candidates.

Thank-You Letters And Notes

Format of Thank-You Note

1st paragraph

Say thank you to the interviewer for the opportunity to discuss about the vacancy. Remember to state the date and position.

2nd paragraph

Reiterate your interest in the Company and the position. You may mention your most relevant skills and experiences. Or highlight something you have not mentioned during the interview but would be of interest to the interviewer.

Final paragraph

Say final thank you and let the interviewer know you are looking forward to hearing from the Company soon.

Sample of Thank-You Note to Interviewer

Dear (Salute & Surname or First Name),

Thank you for granting me the opportunity to be interviewed by you and (Salute Surname or First Name) on (Date) for the position of (Job Title). It was a wonderful experience and I greatly appreciated the exchange of information. Please extend my appreciation to (Salute & Surname; or First Name).

I am excited about the prospect to work with a dynamic group of people in (Company) where I can contribute my experience in marketing harnessed during my previous and present employments.

Should you need to clarify some information, please do not hesitate to contact me on my cell phone (list the number). I look forward to hearing from your esteemed organisation soon.

Warm Regards

(Your Name)