Photography Equipment, the Tools of Your Creativity, Choose Them Wisely

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Of all photography equipment, your camera (and lenses if applicable) is the most important tool. Digital cameras are definitely the most popular today, leaving film in the dust in recent times. But don`t count film out, there are just some photographs that look their best coming from a black and white negative.

The biggest choice however, is what digital camera you will buy. There s a couple of different levels to choose from, consumer, prosumer, and professional level cameras. These categories do not have clear boundaries as to what constitutes one or the other. So there`s some overlap in a lot of models.

If you are new a great way to start out is with a consumer level camera. They’re relatively cheap, compact, full of features, and easy to use. But there¬†`s one point that must be made clear.¬†The camera is a TOOL, not a magic wand!!!

No matter how expensive or feature packed your camera is, it will never make you a great photographer. The best photographers either have talent that can`t be taught, or learn as they go. Usually a mix of both.

A camera can however hold a great photographer back if its capabilities limit him. But keep in mind, a lot of great shots have been made with prosumer, and sometimes even consumer level cameras. So there`s no need to think you have to break your bank to take great photos.

Your camera is only one tool though. To make excellent images you will benefit from many different kinds of photography equipment. Such as lenses, filters, tripods, studio equipment and lighting equipment, light meters, and the list goes on.
Unfortunately equipment is expensive, and a great way to protect your investment is through equipment insurance. It`s better to be safe than sorry right? This section of the site will help you figure out what equipment is best for your style and type of photography.