The O in HORSE

Omaha High/Low is the O in “h.o.r.s.e.” It’s the second most popular variation of poker in the world and also the second most popular poker game online, also known as Omaha Eight or Better or just Omaha 8/B.Don’t be confused by Omaha Hi/Low and Omaha High, if you don’t know what the “low” means then you will understand in a minute. The most common limit style is actually pot-limit which means your bet is limited to the size of the pot, but when you play this game in the “h.o.r.s.e” variation it will play in limit style.

How to Play:

Omaha Hi/Low is similar to Texas Holdem, but in this game you’ll get dealt 4 hole cards, instead of two. We have four stages: pre-flop, post-flop, turn and river, with a betting round after each stage. Then comes the showdown, each player needs to create the best poker hand and the best quality low hand, but you have some rules that say that you have to use 2 of your whole cards and three cards out the community cards. You can use the same cards to create both hands. Let me explain better, this is the “low” part of the game, the player that has the lowest hand will take half of the winners (Highest Hand) pot .In order for the hand to qualify to low all the cards have to be equal or lower then eight,Ace-2-3-4-5 is the best low hand possible, 8-7-6-5-4 is the worst low hand possible.


Double Suited: Means that two cards that have the same suit while the other two cards have another suit.

Scoop the Pot: Taking the entire pot! Means you won the high and the low hands.

Things You Have to Know:

1) The best starting hand is A-A-2-3 (double suited).

2) Quads are bad at Omaha Hi/Low, because you need to use 2 of your hole cards and 3 cards from the community cards.

3) Limit Omaha Hi/Lo is not a game of bluffing, not as much as Texas Holdem.

4) When players start to play Omaha 8/b they think that this is game of luck, it’s far from the truth.

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