5 Helpful Tips on How to Become a More Productive Writer

Many people want to be famous authors. However, very few people do. The answer is simple: the great majority doesn’t have the discipline, motivation, or fire inside them to actually do the work it takes to be productive.

To ensure that you are not distracted from your goals, therefore, use the following 5 helpful tips on how to become a more productive writer:

1. Create Outlines

Even before you start writing – whatever that may be – take some time and create an outline for the project. An outline is very important for productivity. This is because:

– It allows you to embrace whatever topic you need to write about

– It gives you an opportunity to research what should go into your written work

By creating an outline, therefore, you are setting the stage on which your work of art will pan out. It gives you ideas for what should go into each section and ultimately makes your writing project much easier to complete.

2. Schedule

Everyone on God’s green earth has 24 hours every day. This means that you need to learn how to balance your life out with the writing goals you have set yourself. If you are a student, therefore, you need to figure out what time you have for writing – away from your academics, the lectures you have to attend, your co-curricular activities, and all social aspects of your student life.

Creating a schedule can help you manage not only your life but also your writing career. It will also help you get rid of anything that does not add to your overall goals in life. Ultimately, it makes you more productive than you would ever have been if you hadn’t learned how to schedule your time.

3. Practice

Life with anything else, productivity is an art that needs to be cultivated from the get go. For instance, you can become a more productive writer by learning how to type faster through constant practice.

Although this sounds boring, it really isn’t. Remember this: the more you do something, the better you become at it. At the end of the day, you will be glad you took the time to practice your craft once you emerge as a highly productive writer.

4. Reward Yourself

Rewards are very effective – which is why they are the very bane upon which successes in society, academia, the arts, and everything else are built. Think Pulitzer Prize, the Nobel Peace Prize, The Dean’s List, and all that.

Learning how to reward yourself for the small achievements you make will eventually turn you into a productive writer. For instance, you can create a wall calendar on which you write the number of pages or words you’ve written on any given day. Reward yourself with a sticker/dinner out if you go over and beyond a certain mark – such as 5,000 words daily.

Although this might seem trivial, it will work magic for your craft.

5. Be Accountable

Last but not least, learn how to be accountable. The most productive people master this strategy early on. If you didn’t achieve your targets for the day, make yourself feel guilty and bad about it. Then, wake up the next day and work hard to ensure you don’t go to bed feeling the way you did the previous night.

Accountability will help you become a more productive writer in the long run because you will know what it feels like to be unproductive.


Over and above everything else, learning how to become more productive takes time. However, if you set your mind to it – and you use any or all of the tips above – you are going to turn into the most productive writer you know.